Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Why I Hula

I have pain . . . after I hula it is acute . . . but . . . I cannot stop . . . I can never stop . . . because . . . hula is a communication, and expression of the soul . . . and not just my soul, but, the soul of my mother, and sisters, the composer, the mele, the ancestors, the history, and the soul of life itself.  It is a gift . . . it can express those things that one cannot ever express with words . . . because, words are too simple . . .  Words cannot possibly describe the depth of pain, love, and life . . . not . . . not for me anyways.  I suppose that is why I love Hawaiian poetry . . . mele is woven in such a way as to present life experiences in a beautifully symbolic way . . . and hula is that visual demonstration of the poetry. 

When I was young life was simple and I loved to watch the hula dancers! It was a very happy time in my life and those memories fill me with warmth! I began doing hula when I was two or three, but it was not until I was twelve that I decided to really devote my time to learning.  So, mom took me to her friend for official Polynesian dance lessons and I loved it.  I enjoyed learning Hi'ilawe, Kawika, Holoholo Ka'a, and many other songs.  It didn't take long for me to realize that I was passionate about hula.  I never considered myself to be a Tahitian dancer, or Maori dancer, because, it really was hula that hit home for me.  Before long, I devoted all of my energy into my dance, and then it happened . . . I learned to BECOME the mele . . . and that was essential.  

When I dance hula, I do not see others watching me.  I see the poem . . . and that is all.  Which means when you see me hula, I do not see you, I see the mele . . . I see the flowers, and the mountains, and the ocean . . . and I feel the wind.  Life is full of love, and pain . . . the older I become, the more I can see . . . I many not be able to dance like I used to . . . but . . .  I can understand and express much more than I could when I was young . . . 

My love to all of you who understand what this means . . . 

Aloha no~