Monday, December 5, 2011

Red Uke, Red Shoes, Red Benz

He walked in like it was still 1929.  Being a visual person, I was immediately intrigued by his presence.  He was aged, of small stature and wearing a jacket with a fur collar, the length of which extended approximately ten inches from the ground. What really struck me were the red shoes he was wearing!  Awesome!  Pure sheer awesomeness!  I love it!  I'm all over it!  I think he was 97-years-old and man could he play ukulele!! 

As the days pass by, I miss him more.  It's strange.  When someone is 104-years-old you expect that their days will come to an end and yet I am left with the feeling that he left too soon.  Suddenly, I find myself wanting to hold on to everything....pieces of paper with music notations written quickly across a hand drawn staff...whole musical scores he wrote out for me off the top of his head!  I suddenly want to take them out of my music book and study them and then frame them...protect them.